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You can find this within the Epic Games launcher. Select your profile in the bottom-left hand corner and select 'Manage Account. Your ID will be directly beneath 'Account Info' and is a long line of letters and numbers.

The version number of the Launcher and Game Client. This can be found in the bottom left corner of the launcher. If possible please include the string that is shown after you log in.

Please attach your Client.log file, found in the Launchers install directory logs folder. usually found in the following place in your file directory: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\EliteDangerous\logs\Client.log The initial drive may be D or E, if you are not installing on your default hard drive. This can then be attached at the bottom of this form. Please tick to confirm that this is attached.

If you have had a 'Connection Error', please provide us with the 'Error Code' shown (Eg. Gold Cobra, Scarlet Krait, No Code). If you did not receive an error code or do not know it, please state this below. Providing this code will help us identify and resolve your issue quickly.

Please enter the details of your request. A member of our support staff will respond as soon as possible.

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