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You can obtain a DXDIAG by following these steps: > Click the "Start" menu > Type/Search for "DxDiag" and click "Ok". > In the new window, click on the button labelled "Save all information" > A "Save As.." dialog box appears. Choose a handy destination and click "Save". > attach the 'DxDiag.txt' file at the bottom of this page. > Tick above to acknowledge that this has been attached.

Please upload your latest Journal log file (max of 3 files) to help us investigate your issue. For help locating this, please check this filepath: C:\Users\%userprofile%\Saved Games\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous Please then upload the files at the bottom of the page and tick this checkbox to confirm you have done so.

Your FID can be found in bottom left-hand corner of the Elite Dangerous main menu.

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